nstantaneous load time,
gigantic energy density, no self-discharge...
Traditional UPS will switch off before we can finish talking about our benefits.

Base Transceiver Stations require hyper reliable backup power solutions. We provide just that. Our fuel cells will power on and starts working immediately as demanded, and will continue to power as much as there are fuel.

This means you can bury a fuel tank large enough to power our fuel cell continuously without refulling for years at a time, just when you need it to.

The status of our fuel cell can be monitored remotely with our smart, built-in GSM IOT modem, so you can work confidently and comfortably in a bright warm office.

PromGen DM 1000

Off-Grid power supply

Continuous Output

Tank versatility means year
of operation per a single refuel

PromGen DM 1000

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