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The only viable energy source
for modern surveillance equipment

Modern security solutions require modern powering solutions. There have been remarkable technology improvements in surveillance systems for offices, industries, and border control. We would know, since we are based in South Korea.

The improvements include areas such as all-weather protection, heat detection, and long distance, round-the-clock operations. These incredible developments, however, also contribute to increase in energy consumption.

When (not if) we add IOT functionality to these, the traditional energy supply solutions will quickly be eliminated as a viable option.

Gaoncell fuel cells operate silently, continuously, and cleanly. It’s as silent as any batteries, because there aren’t any moving parts. It’s as long lasting as any generators, because they essentially are. And it does not pollute nearby environment, preserving precious eco-system.

Modern security solutions require Gaoncell’s fuel cell solutions.

Recommended products for this application

PromGen DM1000

Off-Grid power supply
1.0kW Continuous Output
Tank versatility means years of operation per a single refuel

PromGen DM200

Portable power supply
200W Continuous Output
Single largest mobile energy provider