Hydrogen fuel cells are like a smart, self-charging battery.

It generates electricity by promoting electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen (from the air).

Only water come out at the end of the pipe.

Therefore when we talk about Hydrogen energy, thanks to its magical property of producing power using water and air we refer to it as the key that will unlock the solution to the future energy crisis and climate crisis at once.

FC & Battery Hybrid System

Fuel cells are in charge of average power demand, while peak power demand is handled by the batteries.

While the demand is low, batteries are charged automatically by the system.

When the user shuts the system, the remaining fuel inside the FC stack is finally used to charge the batteries.

This is the essence of Gaoncell’s unique fuel cell hybrid drive logic system.

This synergetic relationship between FC and batteries stretches run time, reduces cost, and prolongs product lifespan.


(Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell)


(Direct Methanol Fuel Cell)

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