DMFC is one type of fuel cells that works in the same principle but uses methanol as fuel instead.
The stack (engine of the FC) cleverly knows how to extract hydrogen atom from the methanol, then uses it to generate electricity.

Because hydrogen is gas at room temperature, and it is a very difficult gas to control, methanol is a better hydrogen carrier than hydrogen itself.
It’s because methanol is liquid at room temperature, while packing 3 hydrogen atoms in its molecule (CH2OH).

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Hydrogen fuel cells are like a smart, self-charging battery.

It generates electricity by promoting electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen (from the air).

Only water come out at the end of the pipe.

Overview of Our Fuel Cells

Portable Systems

Designed with portability in mind, Portable Systems allow extended and versatile outdoor activities

Stationary Systems

Our Stationary System line up can power multiple mission critical off grid backup power operations

Material Handling Systems

Material Handling Systems offer powerful replacement to traditional ICE/lithium ion vehicles.

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