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About Us

Accelerate Human
- Hydrogen interaction

We see the next evolution in human energy consumption.
It drives the way we work now,
it will drive the way we work tomorrow.

Gaoncell is a global leader in high capacity all-in-one fuel cell system solutions provider.

We take bold risks to leap humanity forward. To stay in the bleeding edge of the energy storage technology,
Gaoncell now boasts over 2 decades of experience and relentless R&D on fuel cell technologies.

We are now the next generation energy solutions company that has successfully developed, and commercialized hydrogen fuel cells such as Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), and the best-in-the-world Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) System.

We believe in the
transformative power of Hydrogen energy to liberate
the global climate crisis

The largest capacity class in the world DMFC stack based on our powerful push towards better and cleaner energy, together with the lithium-ion expertise that have built up based on years of experience and incredible track records make the most advanced fuel cell system in the world – Gaoncell DMFC-Lithium-ion Hybrid System – that is capable of supplying clean and sustainable energy to anywhere that needs power.

Off-grid and remote operation sites of the military that keeps us safe at night, mobile telecommunication towers and repeaters that keep us connected at the most remote locations, forklifts and material handling vehicles that push the workloads 24/7 to bring the modern comforts to our homes are all areas where Gaoncell solutions can help.

With thousands of hours of field tests, Gaoncell tells the world that we can bring the energy technology of tomorrow, to now.

Our Story

We were founded in 1994 as Bongju Electronics, supplying mobile phone battery packs to Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG.

We started designing fuel cells since 2003. Our first PEMFC stack produced 500W.

Few years later in 2009, we made the first 1kW DMFC scooter in Asia.

Our DMFC stack now comfortably produces 2.2kW of power, and that’s the largest commercially available capacity system in the world.

But we don’t plan on stopping here. We will continue pursuing better, more powerful, more efficient system until we make our mark on the world’s climate change.

Expanding into the World