Through relentless R&D and
innovation, through cells at the center
of the universe;

Gaoncell leads
the transformation of the world.

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“Gaon” is an old Korean for “the center of the universe”. Together with the word “Cell” that refers to both fuel cells and batteries, Gaoncell encapsulates the grand vision of the company; to become the cell that powers, and at the center of the world.

At Gaoncell, we have been extensively researching hydrogen fuel cell technology for the last 15 years. As a result, we have acquired original and unique technologies in fuel cell and lithium ion battery hybrid system, as well as other core competencies and technologies such as stack (engine), drive system control, system integration technologies, and so on.

We aim to tackle serious environmental threats like global warming through our own sustainable and environmentally friendly power supply solutions that uniquely combine hydrogen/direct methanol fuel cell technologies and energy storage system (lithium ion, VRFB) technologies. For human life to be more comfortable and convenient, we will continue to bring the future closer.

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